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I put happiness into each item that is crafted. I hope you enjoy our gifts, and we look forward to hearing the great reviews. 

Hello and Thank you for stopping by my online shop.

I’m Tammy Thorton-Chewe a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve crafted since a little girl by crocheting baby blankets and making paper dolls. My grandmother was a big inspiration to me as she sewed beautiful garments including making dresses for her grandchildren. This gift of creativity inspired me to embark on the same journey as my grandmother. Now, I am taking it a step further for the love of gifting by offering unique gifting experiences for you, your family & friends, and your clients/employees through this online shop. 


Whether you shop for a true value of a great find, or the opportunity to upcycle, 


I will guide to several unique gifts that fits  every customer’s needs. My goal is to provide hand-crafted, authentic, and  unique products. I hope to make shopping easier and more accessible for those who don’t have a lot of time to hunt for that special gift.


I offer a custom and personalized gifting service and will not only craft your specialty gifts, but also consult with you to determine the type(s) of gifts that you need and fit your budget.

Trust and know, I put my heart and happiness into each item that I craft and look to work with you. I hope you enjoy our site and look forward to serving you.

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