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We create gifts that
keep on giving


About Us

TowneWomanCreations (TWC) first opened in 2012 in a small boutique in Bloomington, Illinois. 


After selling handcrafted personalized gifts for a few years, we developed a niche for creating classic and unique products for small businesses. Then the concept of a virtual gift shop emerged, aiming to do nothing less than change the world of gifting through thought, personalization, and heart.

If you’re ready for what’s next when it comes to sending fabulous gifts to your clients, contact TWC or send an email at


We understand today’s market for tomorrow’s gifting by creating unique gifting concepts that will serve you, friends and family, and your clients if you run a business. 


We understand the art of gifting as we leverage our knowledge, creativity, and passion that bring out the “oohs”, “wows”, and “ahhs!” along with smiles to all who receive our creations. 

We not only help clients with selecting gifts but will make sure the customer remembers their experience, today, tomorrow, and forever more.

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